A win for SIMS? Now that really is news!

After much discussion in recent months about the large number of schools that SIMS have been losing, it was a pleasant surprise to receive news this week that the Company had won a multi academy trust contract.

The ESS press release we received tells the story about how they have won the contract to provide their ‘cloud-based SIMS Connected’ MIS to the Hertfordshire based Atlas Multi Academy Trust’s schools.

The press release quotes Margaret Chapman, the Trust CEO, who said “Choosing SIMS Connected was a really easy decision. We needed a cloud-based MIS that could be tailored to the complexity of a Trust like ours, which is exactly what SIMS Connected is.  The needs of a growing trust are met through the flexibility and dynamic approach offered by SIMS Connected.”

Now, whilst it is undoubtedly good news for SIMS to have won a Trust MIS contract, we should also point out that this is a small Trust with just 3 schools, so this win will not ‘turn the tide’ for ESS – SIMS may be struggling but it is definitely not dead yet!

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