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Managing your Management Information System (MIS)

Procuring your MIS is just the start – managing and maintaining a School Management Information System (MIS) is a critical task for educational institutions. MIS systems play a pivotal role in managing student data, staff information, and various administrative processes and need to function efficiently at all times.

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The wellbeing of IT staff in Schools/MATs

Are IT, Admin & Data professionals, and the specific nature of technology roles in schools and MATs, given enough weight in the wider discussion about staff wellbeing?

We think they certainly should be.  Which is why we wanted to shine a light on the wellbeing of IT, Admin and data professionals in schools and MATs across the UK.

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MIS Market churn – Summer 2023

SIMS continues to lose market share; Arbor and Bromcom continue to gain; The Key, with 3 MIS brands in their portfolio, look set to become the biggest MIS provider in England within the next year, although Bromcom have now captured 14% of the academies.

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