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MIS Functionality: Homework

With a large number of schools and MATS considering the churn in the MIS sector, we’re finishing our series of articles based on popular requirements that some might consider are on the periphery of core functionality.

Today we look at Homework functionality.

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MIS functionality: HR provision

Continuing our series of articles based on popular requirements that some might consider are on the periphery of core functionality.

Today we’re looking at HR provision.

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The Shard in London

The Shard 2024

WhichMIS? was pleased to be invited to attend the annual Bromcom event, held at the Shard in London on 12th June.

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MIS market churn – Spring 2024 (part 2)

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with SCOMIS to promote their new dashboard that provides access to very handy Power BI charts and tables, making it easy to view and interrogate the latest UK MIS market information.

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TimeTabler joins The Key Group

It has been announced today that TimeTabler has joined the MIS Division at The Key Group. The Key Group is home to a number of leading, school-focused software brands including Arbor, The Key, and GovernorHub.

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MIS data migration

We asked the MIS providers how they handle data migration in light of recent announcements relating to the inappropriate use of backup files.

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Spring Term 2024 update

The spring term has been hectic for us at WhichMIS? and we thought as we rapidly approach the end of term it might be a good idea to offer a refresh on what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

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ESS SIMS responds to concerns over data migration

We have posted two articles recently around concerns raised over ESS SIMS’ warning to schools and to other MIS providers around using the SIMS backup files for data migration purposes. In this post we let you hear what ESS SIMS have to say about this subject.

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Does this amount to a declaration of war?

Arbor have today published an open letter to all SIMS customers.

The letter argues that SIMS recently announced position that their customers can no longer use a database backup file to transfer data to a new MIS supplier is wrong, pointing out that using backup files for this purpose has been standard industry practice for at least the past 10 years.

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Pressure on all fronts!

Bromcom had already taken the lead in this battle and had fired the first shots offering a full indemnity to schools and by applying to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to halt what they describe as ‘this anti-competitive behaviour by ESS Ltd.’

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BETT 2024 review

In recent weeks we’ve been posting a fair amount about BETT which took place between 24th and 26th January at ExCel London.

This year over 40,000 visitors from more than 140 countries attended the event. The overall exhibition space seemed smaller than last year and was split over two halls.

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The importance of good business ethics

MIS Market Ethics

Over the past couple of months, we’ve published four articles on the topic of ethics in the MIS market. Now that there’s more churn than ever before, we think that all providers should ensure that no barriers are put in the way. However we’ve had sight of the latest missive from ESS to their SIMS Support Units which makes some worrying points. 

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MIS Referral Fees – Comments from Industry Insiders

On the 29th November we published part 3 of a series of blogs relating to MIS referral fees, or as some people have said ‘Kickbacks’

In a supporting LinkedIn post we asked for comments, and in this final blog on the subject we thought we’d share some of these comments.

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MIS Market Churn – Winter 2023

The census data is in, and the new MIS market share stats are here!

Our thanks, once again, go out to our good friend Joshua Perry who analyses each set of census data and provides insights into the MIS market players, how many schools they have, the ‘winners and losers’ etc. in his blog which we urge you to read.

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MIS referral fees – part 3

We asked MIS providers how much they pay external support teams for providing support to their schools and how much they pay in referral fees when a school purchases their platform after being referred by a partner.

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What’s going on in Scotland?

We’ve been hearing misgivings around the delayed roll out of both the new SEEMiS Schools MIS as well as the SEEMiS Early Years Management System that have long been planned by SEEMiS (Scottish Electronic Education Management Information System).

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MAT Leaders’ Challenges

Our colleagues at Strictly Education carried out a survey of MAT leaders in July 23.

Whilst this survey isn’t specifically related to the world of Management Information Systems it does address issues that affect all schools which is why we thought we’d share some of the key elements.

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The wellbeing of IT staff in Schools/MATs

Are IT, Admin & Data professionals, and the specific nature of technology roles in schools and MATs, given enough weight in the wider discussion about staff wellbeing?

We think they certainly should be.  Which is why we wanted to shine a light on the wellbeing of IT, Admin and data professionals in schools and MATs across the UK.

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Managing your Management Information System (MIS)

Procuring your MIS is just the start – managing and maintaining a School Management Information System (MIS) is a critical task for educational institutions. MIS systems play a pivotal role in managing student data, staff information, and various administrative processes and need to function efficiently at all times.

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