Bromcom & SCOMIS partnership – what does it mean for the MIS market?

So SCOMIS and Bromcom have announced a partnership between them designed to support schools and trusts nationally. Click for their full press release here.

Under the partnership, SCOMIS will be accredited to support Bromcom’s MIS and Finance software, along with offering other Bromcom-related services such as application hosting, managed reporting, user training and leadership consultancy.

Overall, this looks encouraging – giving schools and trusts the opportunity to use the well-respected support services of SCOMIS for Bromcom MIS along with the support SCOMIS already provides for both SIMS and Arbor MIS systems.

This new partnership, along with those SCOMIS enjoys with SIMS and Arbor will ensure that schools or trusts who elect to change their MIS provider amongst these three MIS will be able to retain their much-loved SCOMIS support services, often a contentious issue when they are considering a change to their MIS provider.

The more that support teams such as SCOMIS are able to support multiple MIS, the easier it makes it for schools and trusts to change their MIS provider without losing the great relationships they enjoy with the support teams that they are in contact with on a day-to-day basis. The knowledge of the school or trust’s everyday support needs are invaluable and being able to retain the same support teams will prove to be of great comfort to schools and trusts.

We see this as a great move and hope other support teams will move to support multiple MIS as well.

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