Sign our petition asking for transparency over referral fees paid when MIS recommendations are made

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The integrity of our education system is paramount. Currently, there are concerns about the lack of transparency regarding payments received by Local Authority traded services from school Management Information System (MIS) providers. These payments may influence the recommendation of a specific platform, regardless of whether it’s the best possible system for a school or Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).

This practice potentially compromises the quality and efficiency of our schools’ administrative systems, impacting their ability to provide excellent education. Schools and MATs have a right to know if such payments are made and if so, how much.

We call on all Local Authorities to ensure that their traded services operate with full transparency and ethical conduct when recommending MIS platforms. This includes disclosing any financial incentives they receive from MIS providers.

By signing the below petition, you’re supporting an open, honest approach to educational administration – one where decisions are made in the best interests of schools rather than financial gain. Sign today to demand transparency in our education system’s management information systems recommendations.

We believe all schools should know if the MIS that is being recommended to them is paying the support team a referral fee.

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