Stephen Bilboe, CEO at WCBS

Interview with Stephen Bilboe, CEO at WCBS

Continuing our series of interviews with senior leaders of MIS, we now turn our attention to WCBS  – a long-standing player in the market, with solutions for MIS, income and admissions software for Independent and International schools.

Stephen Bilboe, has been in the hotseat at WCBS for a couple of years following a successful stint as Sales and Marketing Director at the Company.

We asked him about their customers and what they appreciate the most about their offering; who he sees as their biggest competition; what their company culture is like; how they approach innovation; and his view on two hot topics: data analytics and artificial intelligence.

If you want to skip to a particular section, the running order is as follows:

Who are WCBS? – 00:08

What is HUB? – 01:32

Who are WCBS’s customers? – 03:18

Why should schools consider HUBmis? – 04:54

What features do WCBS customers benefit from the most? – 06:36

What’s the WCBS company culture like? – 08:03

How do you work with groups of schools? – 11:06

Who are WCBS’s principal competitors? – 12:00

What’s your view on data analytics? – 14:33

What application does AI have in your space? – 15:27

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