Interviews With MIS Providers At BETT 2023: #2 of 4: IRIS

We interviewed the four MIS providers that exhibited at BETT 2023 and will be adding each of their video interviews over the coming days. Today we have the second of our video interviews, this one with Simon Freeman from IRIS.

For those of you that want to find specific topics covered, below are the timings to make it easier for you:

  • 00:05 – 00:55 How did IRIS get into the education business?
  • 00:56 – 01:30 Who are IRIS’ customers?
  • 01:31 – 02:30 What relationship do you have with your customers?
  • 02:31 – 03:25 Tell us about ISAMS
  • 03:26 – 04:45 Tell us about the journey you’ve been on
  • 04:46 – 05:53 What are the issues being talked about at BETT?
  • 05:54 – 07:23 What is IRIS’ approach to innovation?
  • 07:24 – 08:04 What is the company aiming to achieve in education?
  • 08:05 – 09:05 How would you describe the culture at IRIS?
  • 09:06 – 10:00 On the current state of the market…
  • 10:01 – 11:05 What is your take on AI?

We hope you have found the interview with IRIS Managing Director, Simon Freeman, interesting – our next interview will be with Pete Collison, General Manager of Compass UK and will appear here soon!

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