Interviews With MIS Providers At BETT 2023: #4 Of 4: Arbor Education

We interviewed the four MIS providers that exhibited at BETT 2023 and have been adding each of their video interviews over recent days. Today we have the fourth and final of our video interviews, this one with James Weatherill of Arbor Education.

For those of you that want to find specific topics covered, below are the timings to make it easier for you:

  • Arbor – how did it all start?                                                               00:05 – 00:40
  • What does Arbor stand for?                                                              00:40 – 01:57
  • How did Arbor support schools during COVID?                               01:57 – 03:13
  • On-boarding 2,000 schools in 12 months…                                      03:13 – 04:38
  • The Key’s recent acquisitions                                                            04:38 – 05:20
  • Are you migrating ScholarPack schools to Arbor?                            05:20 – 05:45
  • What are you focusing on at BETT?                                                  05:45 – 08:05
  • What does Arbor offer to MATs?                                                      08:05 – 09:55
  • What are your aspirations for Arbor?                                               09:55 – 10:50
  • When will you have an AI product in market?                                 10:50 – 11:32
  • What’s your approach to product development?                            11:32 – 12:40
  • What’s your biggest challenge?                                                       12:40 – 13:33

We hope you have found the interview with Arbor Education Founder and CEO, James Weatherill, of interest.

This completes our series of interviews with the four MIS providers that exhibited at BETT this year. If you missed the interviews with Bromcom, IRIS or Compass you can find these on our ‘Articles‘ page along with demos of each providers MIS software too.

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