Functionality for multi-academy trusts

MAT Specific Functionality

We asked each of the MIS providers to outline the functionality they have developed to appeal directly to groups of schools, such as MATs.

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We have a huge amount of MAT specific functionality to support Trusts in both running and raising the standards of multiple schools. I’ve included more detail in our MAT Enterprise brochure below but as an overview, we provide a top level School management and data insight platform named MAT Vision which combines the datasets of all schools. It’s the central hub of operations for Trusts and marries together slick dashboards with flexible analytics, enabling you to prioritise the people behind the data. MAT Vision provides you with the ability to accurately target areas for school improvement across your trust and increase performance across the board.​

It also allows central teams to deploy changes across defined schools in an instant. Implement updates to policy, manage access and deliver trust-wide communications from one central platform.​ Trusts have total visibility over all of their data, allowing them to assess at macro or micro level with live information to inform best practice.

Building on the success of our HR functionality within the MIS, we’ve been taking it to the next level by providing MAT wide functionality. Trusts can reduce school burden by providing central HR processes, staying on top of issues with automated alerts with the ability to report on staffing across the entire organisation.

Uniquely, we have our integrated MAT finance solution which allows Trusts to accurately assess where their budget is spent; control their financials and forecast for the future from one centralised portal.

Lastly we have our latest addition which is Bromcom AI. MATs can interrogate their data in depth through our AI chatbot and reduce admin burden with our ChatGPT integration. Please see the brochure link below for full details.

MAT Enterprise Brochure:

Bromcom AI Brochure:

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The Compass Management Information System (MIS) has a range of innovative and easy-to-use features that cater specifically to Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). One such feature is our bespoke data analytics and reporting module, Pulse, which has been designed to provide MAT senior leadership teams and administrators with real-time insights against variable key performance metrics across all schools within their Trust. 

What’s more, our dedicated MAT level portal is designed to improve central Trust oversight, and create consistency across the Trust. With the right permissions, staff can easily access information held within the individual school portals, communicate with their whole school community and standardise processes across assessment, reporting and more! 

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At WCBS we’ve always remained focused on Independent and International Schools, to provide them with flexible solutions that can better fit their nuanced requirements. We do however work with the largest group of Independent Schools in the UK, as our HUB solutions work not only for individual Independent Schools, but also allow for increased efficiency, visibility and communication across schools within a larger conglomerate. 

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We’ve worked with a range of trusts and carefully built functionality that supports them in the management of their schools.

We’ve made it so that school MISs can be managed at a central trust-level, pushing settings, assessments and more across schools to standardise practice and keep systems working in the right way without individual attention. 

Our data consolidation and reporting tool aggregates not only data from all school MISs but also HR, finance and more into one location, ensuring all information is easily accessible; to cater to all staff within a MAT, our data tool has also been built with many different users in mind, from data managers and power users to those less technically minded – the software offers a wide range of premade dashboards as well as a more in-depth, built-in editor.

Additionally, unlike many other Power BI tools where access to dashboards is hard to control (especially in larger MATs), we make this simple with a powerful, role-based access restriction. For example, trustees need wide access to high-level data but should not see student or staff details – this is ensured with role-based access.

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Satchel One is launching its MIS functionality, available to pilot schools in autumn 2023, early access schools in spring 2024 and all schools from autumn 2024. 

A variety of MAT-specific features already exist within Satchel One, including consistent reporting across schools in the trust, the ability to enforce centralised policies for attendance and behaviour easily, vendor consolidation with one provider for all classroom management needs, and preferential rates available to MATs looking to partner with Satchel for multiple schools in their trusts. 

With the launch of the MIS, future functionality will include a MAT Dashboard that will allow MAT Leaders to compare and analyse data consistently across schools in their trust. The MAT Dashboard will benefit MAT Leaders by providing them with data they can further analyse and export about the performance of their schools, helping them to make better and more informed decisions.

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For MAT admin functions and school structure hierarchies, SIMS NextGen will have the right access and tools to perform key tasks centrally on behalf of the schools, such as MIS settings and templates, cover management, timetabling, staff management etc.

For MAT reporting, SIMS7 Consolidated MAT Reporting provides MATs with extensive and insightful reporting and analytics on any data which exists in SIMS. As well as all the basic requirements such as student attendance, staff absence, assessment and behaviour, all reports and dashboards can be fully customised to meet the specific needs of the trust with previous designs including OfSTED ratings, Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP), Bradford Factors, Budget Ratios and IDACI deprivation.  Led by a team of experts, MATs can benefit from high quality guidance and advice as they work with our team to achieve a solution that is right for them.

As we continue to invest in SIMS Next Gen, MATs can be reassured that all the functionality that they currently enjoy in SIMS7 will be included and further enhanced to include insights and predictive analytics.

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