Interview with Louise Raw, on the Satchel stand at Bett 2024

MIS provider interviews at BETT 2024: #2 of 4 – Louise Raw from Satchel

Show My Homework has been used in secondary schools across the country for many years – so what prompted Satchel to move into the MIS market? How is Satchel:One different to the rest, and what advice would they give to schools intent on changing their provider? We asked Satchel’s Head of UK Business, Louise Raw, these questions and more…

We asked Louise Raw for her take on the MIS market in the UK and what Satchel have to offer.

To make it easier to navigate to the sections that you are most interested in, below are the timings:

00:00 – Introduction to Louise, Head of UK at Satchel
00:18 – Why are Satchel here at Bett 2024?
00:36 – Who are Satchel?
01:15 – How many schools are Satchel working with?
01:24 – What is Satchel:One?
02:09 – What’s your view on the ‘EdTech’ market?
02:54 – What about the MIS market?
03:31 – What made Satchel move into the MIS market?
03:57 – In what ways is Satchel different?
05:17 – How is your product launch going so far?
06:19 – What are Satchel’s aspirations?
06:50 – What challenges are Satchel facing?
07:48 – What is Satchel’s approach to innovation?
08:54 – Is there any functionality you’d like to draw attention to?
09:19 – What do you think the future of MIS looks like?
09:53 – What would you say to a school considering switching MIS?
10:25 – What are your view on AI in education?

We hope you find the interview with Louise interesting. There are two more video interviews to come, next up is Phil Roberts from ParentPay Group (ESS SIMS) – watch this space!

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