Video interview with Phil Roberts, COO at ParentPay Group

MIS Provider Interviews at BETT 2024: #3 of 4 – Phil Roberts from ParentPay Group (ESS SIMS)

Phil Roberts took on overall commercial responsibility for ParentPay Group, which owns ESS SIMS, back in April 2023. We asked Phil about the journey the Group has been on as a whole since he joined the business, the progress being made with SIMS Next Gen and the key challenges they face as an organisation.

Key topics / timing:

00:06 – How long have you been working at ParentPay Group?
00:18 – Can you share your journey as a Company since acquiring ESS SIMS?
02:07 – How does ParentPay Group position itself in the market?
02:52 – What are your views on the MIS market?
03:32 – Who are the customers that ParentPay Group serves?
04:08 – How are ParentPay Group’s products specifically tailored towards MATs?
04:49 – What are your views on the market trends we’re seeing for SIMS?
05:36 – What would you say to a customer thinking of moving to another provider?
06:48 – Have you seen examples of customers moving away from SIMS only to come back later?
07:27 – Can you share some details surrounding your latest roadmap?
08:18 – Will ParentPay Group continue to collaborate with third parties?
08:44 – What does SIMS do differently to other MIS providers?
10:06 – How do you handle data and what are your security measures?
11:01 – What are the toughest challenges ParentPay Group are currently facing?
11:50 – How are ParentPay Group approaching innovation?
12:42 – How do you think the MIS market will look in the future?

We hope that you found the interview with Phil interesting. Soon we’ll be publishing our final MIS interview from Bett2024, with Chris Kirk, the Chief Commercial Officer at Bromcom, so stay tuned!

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